In a country where medieval cities, painted monasteries, and immense mountains create a charming and picturesque atmosphere, there is a hidden scene that is not quite so beautiful: the understaffed Tutova Hospital in Romania currently cares for more than 40 infants and toddlers with health problems. While the children themselves are as charming as the scenery surrounding them, their circumstances are dire—some babies have terminal medical conditions, and in about 25% of the cases, their parents never return for them.

My name is Alexandra McKenzie, and in July, I will be traveling with a team of volunteers to the Tutova Hospital in eastern Romania. For three weeks, I will help to care for infants and toddlers with a variety of medical and developmental issues. These children would not get the attention they need, if it were not for volunteers like myself.

Volunteers are relied upon to give these children the individual attention that the staff of the clinic is unable to give. This involves feeding, teaching, diapering, and giving the children the stimulation, affection, and nurturing that they need to thrive.

Explore this website and join me on my journey to Romania, where I will hopefully make a positive impact on the lives of these children.